Attorney Thomas Fleming graduated from Yale Law School and UC Berkeley; taught at Law School as an Adjunct Professor of Law; taught criminal trial skills, in DUI and criminal cases, to future prosecutors and defense attorneys; and taught UC Berkeley law classes to undergraduates about the U.S. Constitution, the courts and politics for over 20 years.

At the same time as Thomas taught law, he served as a trial attorney for the disdadvantaged, in DUI and criminal cases, with the Public Defender for over 20 years.  He successfully took many, many cases to jury trials, and developed a very special expertise in defending against DUI and criminal charges.

As a trial attorney, Thomas earned a reputation for consistently winning very excellent results for his clients in DUI and Criminal cases.  

It can be traumatic to face the serious consequences of a potential DUI or criminal conviction. Thomas' combination of (1) academic knowledge of the law, (2) his excellent record in defending against DUI and criminal charges, and (3) his background of spirituality, non-judgement, honesty and his sense of mercy and compassion -- all make him an extremely persuasive and effective advocate.

He cannot take every case but invites you to contact him for a free consultation.


With Suffering also comes Grace...


Attorney Thomas Fleming

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